Filming for season three of Bridgerton is currently underway, with the third season of Netflix’s popular regency drama expected to be released later this year.

The popular show has been filmed at a number of locations across the UK, including in south east London.

Here are all the locations where Bridgerton is filmed in south east London:

Outside the Old Royal Naval College

The buildings of the Royal Naval College and adjoining Greenwich University Campus have been used as a backdrop for a number of films and TV shows, including Bridgerton.

News Shopper: Old Royal Naval College Old Royal Naval College (Image: Old Royal Naval College)

This UNESCO World Heritage site was originally built in 1873 to serve as a home for the retired sailors of the British Navy.

Bridgerton fans have seen the cast filming outside the Old Naval College for previous seasons, including the upcoming season three.

Fans recently spotted what they believed to be the cast of Bridgerton wearing regency attire filming for the anticipated third season of the show.

Alongside being a prime filming location, the Old Naval College also hosts a number of things to do including the Painted Hall and Afternoon Tea at the Admirals House.

The Ranger’s House

The Ranger’s House has served as the backdrop for the home of the Bridgerton family since season one.

In the show the Bridgerton house is set in the affluent neighbourhoods of regency London, but the house is located in the quieter neighbourhood of Greenwich.

For filming the house’s exterior is transformed with the iconic blue wisteria that has become somewhat synonymous with the show.

The building, now owned by the English Heritage, borders Blackheath and Greenwich Park and is also open for the public to visit.

Although don’t expect to walk in and see the Bridgerton House as it looks in the series, as the inside of the Bridgerton House was filmed at a different location.

The Chapel of St Peter and St Paul

Located inside the Royal Naval College, the chapel was recently used for filming of the season.

News Shopper: The Chapel of St Peter and St Paul The Chapel of St Peter and St Paul (Image: Old Royal Naval College)

Some fans spotted Bridgerton star, Nicole Coughlan walking out of the chapel which appeared to be decorated with flower garlands in wedding colours.

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The chapel was first designed by famous architect Christopher Wren and was rebuilt in 1799 after a fire to restore the chapel.

The building features a decadent painted ceiling and alteplase and is a prime example of some of the opulent architecture that Greenwich has to offer.

It’s open to visitors daily between 10am-5pm and hosts regular services, concerts, and events.