If you see a famous face or two in Greenwich today, this might be because Netflix is rumoured to be filming.

A film set is up at the Old Royal Naval College and some are saying it is for scenes for the newest season of The Crown.

For those who haven't watched before, The Crown follows Queen Elizabeth II's reign, and the Old Naval College seems like just the right background for such a grand piece.

A spokeswoman from the Old Royal Naval College said: "The Old Royal Naval College is very fortunate to hold such beautiful grounds and iconic buildings that are used extensively as a location for an array of films from period dramas, fantasy film to thrilling action scenes.

"As we never fully close the site to the public, we are truly delighted to provide our visitors with a unique experience to walk through an active film set."

Let us know if you see Olivia Colman or Helena Bonham-Carter wondering the grounds if you are around here today.