The 19th edition of a contemporary art festival in Deptford is days away from returning.

Deptford X will run from September 21-30 in locations such as Deptford Market Yard Carriageway, Deptford Lounge library and the rooftop basketball court.

Five platform artists have been nominated by renowned figures from the art world to feature in the curated programme.

The includes Shawanda Corbett who will present a live performance exploring the biblical and social implications of female disability during slavery.

Georgia Lucas-Going made a film about the lost love ones of her family.

Laura Yuile's film explores the body of a heavily tattooed man juxtaposed with corporate stock footage.

Artist David Steans book is available to borrow and is a collection of experimental short horror stories, including some inspired by Deptford.

Four visitors who sign up and make an appointment will also be able to get a free haircut which is inspired by the shape of bomb damage sustained in Deptford during the Second World War.

The idea was created by artist Louise Ashcroft.

In 2018, over 500 artists presented exhibitions, screenings, workshops and screenings including a cinema, cafes and restaurants, galleries, a church, a park and a former police station.