This was the fifth year of OnBlackheath - and it was even more immersive and inclusive than it has ever been.

Here are some of the highlights from the event last weekend.


OnBlackheath provided an array of food for all tastes. From the vegan stall Eatchay bringing unique Korean and Vietnamese aromas to the field to my favourite The Cheese Truck, hailing from Camden, which took the grilled cheese sandwich to a whole new level with mozzarella, goat's cheese, and even Stilton.


Dat Brass, an 11-piece hip-hop band featuring strong percussion and brass sections and even a DJ and MC were the most refreshing band from the day.

In an interview with Dat Brass, Ben, their trombonist, said: “The festival industry is booming. Audiences now want more of an immersive experience.”

This encapsulates the energy that was radiating from OnBlackheath. Next to the entrance of the arena, Dat Brass were leaping around to their funky tunes with barefoot parents dancing with them. This informal performance created intimacy that the big stages could not.

Trans Siberian March Band brought diversity in their band members and the origins of their music. Their performance peaked when they began a Greek-style dance class, which ended with a conga line snaking through the audience.

It was clear, from the non-stop bopping of the crowd, that De La Soul stole the show with their groovy hip-hop beats.


During the introduction of their performance, nearly every act mentioned how diverse in age, race, ability, and background the festival is. What struck me most about OnBlackheath was the inclusivity towards children.

Let’s All Dance entertained in The Family Playground, a group that performs across London to engage young audiences in the joy and creativity of dance.

Boppin’ Bunnies, a music school for under-fives based in Greenwich, captured the intrigue of tots.

An array of local businesses were involved, which provided some friendly faces, emphasising OnBlackheath’s integral sense of community.


The staff went above and beyond to make everyone feel safe and welcome.

Children were given wristbands with a specific number which reassured parents that if they were to get lost at any point they could be quickly found.

Many stewards were on hand throughout the arena to provide information and directions.

The bar staff, this year hired by Creativevents, were particularly friendly and forthcoming.

Safe and clean

With it being such a family-centric event, dirt and debris could be a cause for concern. However, the entire site was kept spotless throughout the weekend.

There were many places for recycling and everyone was keen to keep the grounds that way, as they behaved respectfully.

Shoes were off and picnic blankets out. Sunbathing was a must, with this weekend’s stunning weather, and so out came the air loungers, provided by OnBlackheath.