A 4-year-old boy is being recognised by Lewisham Council for cleaning up the streets in our neighbourhoods.

Isaac Thompson, from Catford, has been picking up litter with his mum Jade three times a week in order to help create a cleaner environment.

He will be joining members of Lewisham Council for a community litter pick in August where he will be given a Green Champion award.

News Shopper: Isaac is known by his family as the 'Lord of Litter'Isaac is known by his family as the 'Lord of Litter'

Jade, a 27-year-old teaching assistant, told News Shopper: “Isaac doesn’t like it when people throw rubbish on the floor - he says it makes the Earth sad.

“So we go out for about an hour three times a week and we don’t go home until we’ve filled up our bags.

“We’ve started calling him the Lord of Litter – he even has a high vis that says it.”

Jade posted about Isaac’s litter picking online in the hopes that it would inspire some people to go out and clean the streets too.

The post has over 700 likes and many comments praising Isaac.

She added: “I can’t believe the response we’ve got – I never expected it.

“We do our best but there’s still so much rubbish around.

“I hope people think twice now about throwing rubbish on the floor knowing it might be a four-year-old picking it up.”

Councillor Louise Krupski, cabinet member for Environment and Climate Action, said: “Isaac is an inspiration to us all – it’s fantastic to see this sort of dedication to the local environment from somebody so young.

“I am delighted that we are able to recognise Isaac’s contribution to keeping Lewisham clean and tidy with a Green Champion award.

“Despite the hard-work of our street sweepers and cleansing teams, cuts from central government have made it increasingly difficult to keep our streets clean.

“That’s why we’re bringing residents and local community groups together for a series of community litter picks over the summer - I would encourage everybody to follow Isaac’s example and get involved to help create a Cleaner Lewisham!”

People in Lewisham can find out the dates and times of all the upcoming community litter picks on the Council’s website here.

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