A new map for the planned Superloop bus service between Bromley and West Croydon has been unveiled.

The map outlines some of the route’s proposed stops, including at Bromley, West Wickham, Sandilands Tram Stop, East Croydon station and West Croydon, with connections to National Rail services at Bromley, East Croydon station and West Croydon.

Mayor Sadiq Khan announced the new express bus system at the end of March - which has proposed links between Bexleyheath, Bromley and Croydon.

The loop will encircle the entire city in a bid to “speed up the daily commute for workers” and will cost an extra £6million provided by the Mayor of London.

The network will link outer London town centres, railway stations, hospitals and transport hubs with some of the benefits coming into play later this year.

News Shopper: The proposed Bromley to West Croydon route The proposed Bromley to West Croydon route (Image: TfL)

This service is to be put in place ahead of the ULEZ expansion as the Mayor wishes improve transport links in outer London before its implementation.

A TfL spokesperson has said that the Superloop is part of the plan to “strengthen alternatives to the private car”.

Hundreds of thousands more drivers face a daily fee of £12.50 for using London’s roads after mayor Sadiq Khan announcement he will expand a pollution charge zone to boost air quality.

Mr Khan said extending the ultra-low emission zone to cover the whole of the capital from August 29, 2023 is “one of the toughest decisions I’ve taken”.

The Mayor describes the Superloop as “game changing” as it could add over four million additional kilometres to London’s bus network. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “When I made the tough decision to expand the ULEZ London-wide, one of my key commitments to Londoners was to improve transport links in outer London.

“Today I am delivering on that commitment as we announce the Superloop, the game-changing new network of express buses that will add over four million additional kilometres to our bus network in outer London, linking stations, town centres, hospitals and transport hubs.

“These new routes will make it much easier for Londoners to get around the capital, and help build a better, greener London for everyone.”

Alex Williams, Chief Customer and Strategy Officer at TfL, said: “The Superloop is the jewel in the crown in our plans to strengthen alternatives to the private car ahead of the ULEZ expanding London-wide and is a game changer for outer London.

“For the first time we will be bringing a number of the capital’s town centres together with express orbital routes.

“We know these kinds of services are hugely popular from what we have seen in the rise in the number of people using the X140 during the week.

“Part of making the bus network even more attractive is providing new routes and increasing frequencies where it is required – both of which we are doing with this new iconic service.

“The Superloop is on top of, and complements, a million additional bus kilometres committed by the Mayor in the capital’s outer ring and includes improvements from Sutton in the south to Brent Cross in the north, as well as transformational changes to London’s rail network outside the centre of the city.”