A mother of two from Bromley has spoken out in support of the newly expanding Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) after expressing concern about the impact of air pollution on her children's health.

The pollution charge zone means motorists who drive older, more polluting vehicles are liable for the an entry toll, a £12.50 daily fee to drive into the zone using the principle of the "polluter pays".

On Monday, October 25, ULEZ will expand significantly from central London to cover large parts of the capital including all areas within the North and South Circular roads with the aim of reducing pollution.

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Jane Dutton, who lives in south east London with her two young sons, said that it's time for "children to reap the benefits" of a more responsible policy on air pollution in the capital.

She said: "I believe that when it expands next week, we should be celebrating it here in Bromley.

"I have two children under 7, and I’m really worried about the impact of air pollution on their health."

She pointed out that Bromley has recently had to expand its Air Quality Management Area due to the worsening level of air quality in the borough.

Whilst the expanded ULEZ doesn't quite reach the outer boroughs of London, Jane says that "the fact that people in outer boroughs like Bromley will have had to rethink their journeys or will have changed their vehicles because of the expanded zone will have a positive impact on our air."

"The ULEZ has had a big impact in Central London - it’s reduced air pollution by nearly half there.

"I believe it’s time for more children to reap the benefits."

Last year air pollution was given as one of the causes of the death of a nine-year-old girl from Lewisham.

Ella Kissi-Debrah is believed to be the first person in the UK to have air pollution listed as the cause of death on their death certificate.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "London's toxic air is a health crisis causing long-lasting harm to our children and contributing to thousands of premature deaths.

"The Ultra Low Emission Zone has already cut nitrogen dioxide pollution by nearly half in central London and the expansion of the zone on October 25 means many more Londoners across the city will enjoy the benefits of cleaner, healthier air."