Your Covid-19 messages and tributes

Covid-19 has changed the world in ways that none of us could have imagined. The coronavirus and the lockdown it necessitated have caused tragedy, but have also prompted our communities to pull together in new and inspiring ways.

This page is our tribute to those who carried on bravely: those working on the front line, raising money for charity and helping their friends, relatives and neighbours; and, of course, those loved ones we have lost.

If you know someone who you want to thank, praise, remember or pay tribute to, we would be honoured if you were to leave your messages, poems, stories and artwork here.

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Big thank you to the NHS of Great Britain. They all pulled together from day one of the COVID-19 DEADLY VIRUS. Working all hours of the day and night to try and save as many as they were able to . Every hospital was full to bursting point , but still all the Doctors and Nurses carried on the best they could. Even losing some of their own Doctors and Nurses. Sad so Sad. They are the NHS for a reason, they care about others.A hundred thousand claps to each and every doctor and nurse at all of Great Britains Hospitals. Thank you all

By Tracey

By Diana Bond

By Bev Loft. For Reece Lott

By Nikki Breen

By Liz Bussey

By Andrea Williams

By Debi Malone


To Paul Ralph and his wife Bernie, Paul was a fighter but Covid was one he couldn’t beat , when out of lock down we need to celebrate Paul’s life . Rip Paul

By David Lovelace

By Claire Churchill

By Mary Honse

By Connie McCready

By Janine Silverman

By Peter dixon

Today I miss & love you more
Today my heart is so sore
Today my heart bleeds even more
Today my tears fall to the floor

My life change into a fairytale the day we got together
we pledged our love for eternally and forever

Then without a trace
i found im in a empty space
The house we shared is lonely
And the cats are moany

All because of when covid came
It didn't know your name
It ripped you away from me
It took you home to be
It left my world here in silence
No help for me sitting here in defiance

You left our place and me without a trace
All because we went to our workplace
Someone killed you and me
With our new family tree

My heart is shattered
My world is battered
All because to me you mattered

This grief I live is daunting
Our lives we had now haunting

All because we lost our lives
All because no one cared who dies
I cant believe there lies

My heart will forever be yours
The fairytale is always ours
My life will go on in pain
All because covid didn't know your name

You are my world my 1 desire
You my darling set my heart on fire
You are and will be forever eternally missed
All because of that wonderful kiss.

Until I'm in your loving arms
I must remain despite those charms
We will always be US
We will never be just
For our lives are a must

I love you my darling Trevor Gardiner if only I could tell you 1 more time
how I love that your mine

Your loving WIFE xxxxxx

By Sally Gardiner

By Lacey-leigh

By Shannon wood

By Ange Fearn

By Corinna Chant

By Tammy Rye

By Louise Brown

To Our Beautiful, Lovable, Kind & Caring Husband, Dad &Grandad
We love and miss you so much xxx
Taken too soon xxx

By Julie Venables

By Sharon Smith

By Sarah Jane Campbell (Harris)

Remembering two special friends, Norma and Phil Hunnings, who both lost their battle with covid in the same week.
The most kind, caring and genuine people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Rest in Peace together xx

By Brenda Wingrove

I'm gonna miss you my darling god took you to soon my dear friend love liz all my love to your family xx

By Julie painter

By Debbie Saunders

By Claire James