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The SLKPA Founders Cup
Rack Pack's Tony Frost scored 3/3 to help his team to an 8-7 victory
Hotshots' Danny Kelliher
The Bellegrove Social Club, home to Bellegrove A, Bellegrove and Bellegrove Flyers
The Cocked Hats
The Cocked Hats look on to victory over Pickwick
James Couch takes the winning shot of the SLKPA Tier Two play-off for Bellegrove
Pickwick -SLKPA Tier 2 West Champions S21. Dave Pile, Paul Dawson, Paul Slater captain,  Mike Werbowy, Martin Storey, Jamie Davis, Paul Gafa'.
Home of the Happy Hustlers
Pickwick's Dave Pile on his way to a hat-trick