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Wild Things: Butterfly delight

Wild Things columnist Eric Brown refuses to get too despondent if the species he sets out to see is absent because something even better often provides ample compensation.

Wild Things: Will sparrows retain top spot?

Wild Things columnist Eric Brown reveals his bird list during a lively session for the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and forecasts there will be no change in the number one bird most frequently seen in south east London gardens.

Wild Things: The waxwing's wow factor

Wild Things columnist Eric Brown samples waxwing fever and hopes readers looked out for these beautiful multi-coloured birds while participating in the 45th annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

Wild Things: Daft tales from the wildlife world

Wild Things columnist Eric Brown takes readers on a refresher course of holiday nature stories including warnings for sensitive Greenwich University students, the artistic raven, wild items on restaurant menus and the wildlife to be found in your pockets this year.

Wild Things: Wildlife facing an uncertain future

Wild Things columnist Eric Brown learns protestors against plans for a decarbonisation plant encroaching on Crossness Nature reserve are still waiting for clarification about a vital land promise.

Wild Things: Is reintroduction affecting our birds?

Wild Things columnist Eric Brown considers the question of bird and animal introduction, whether intended or accidental, and discovers the outcome can bring unintended disadvantages as well as boosting impoverished UK nature.

Wild Things: Horrific threat to our wildlife

Wild Things columnist Eric Brown heard some unwelcome news for wildlife during the party political conferences in proposals he hopes will be scrapped faster than the northern leg of HS2.