• Polar Bears in Surrey?

    After having visited ‘The White Bear’ pub/restaurant in Surrey and driving past a series of arctic themed lanes, one being ‘North Pole Lane’ I was intrigued to why Surrey would have such a themed area. As it turns out, around 2.588 million years to 12,000

  • Credit Crunch Excursion

    In the half term school break in February, I went with my family on an excursion to London which was low cost, yet also a very enjoyable outing. In London we took advantage of the free entrance to the National Gallery and went on a tour. In

  • King George and Sir Firth

    After his spectacular performance as King George the sixth in what has been said to be ‘the film of the year’, actor Colin Firth picked up the Academy Award for Best Actor at the Oscars. However, as breath taking as the film may have been and as brilliant

  • Fail to prepare? Prepare to fail!

    Revision is clearly not fun but it doesn’t have to make you suicidal either. Firstly ensure you plan your free time, this may mean a party is missed! SHOCK HORROR. But c'mon, the celebrations after exams will be a lot better with good results.

  • Being a consumer

    It seems like everyone is moving houses nowadays. Already I’ve seen many ‘to let’ signs popping in front of a lot of houses in my neighbourhood and my house is soon to join the lot. But moving houses seems to have become more of a luxury than a necessity

  • Oprington: The Comercial Centre of Charity Shops?

    Orpington is well known for it's high st. from it's Tesco to it's Pizza Express, the one predominant occurance, other than the huge variety of restaurants (where else can you find over 10 varieties of food in 500 metres other than Orpington?), is the

  • School production a huge success

    On the 11 & 12th of February, Newstead Wood School for Girls staged its annual play. This year the production was ‘The Convent’, a science fiction play set in the future, written by Mike Stokes, the head of Drama. The play dealt with a society made up

  • Coney Hall Crime Wave

    A 51 year old man has been arrested and faces questioning after police found a cannabis factory in Coney Hall, West Wickham. The man, who is unemployed and from South Norwood, was arrested on suspicion of production of Class B drugs after police found

  • Local MP visits Newstead Wood School

    Inquisitive of the framework of political issues regarding education and financial reductions, the Politics Society at Newstead requested MP of Orpington, Jo Johnson, to clarify these policies during a visit to the school. Mr Johnson stated

  • Going red for Comic Relief

    The colour red, along with blue and yellow, is a primary colour- It is dominant. Red can be associated with many objects such as phoneboxes, cherries, and buses but more appropriately for this time of year: Comic Relief. Red nose day was on the 18th of

  • How to...Re-create your Style

    Change. We are all so confident in the fact that we actually want change in our lives and that it is a positive thing. But how many of us would agree to it if it came and hit us in the face. Right now. At this very moment. I know I wouldn

  • The Disappearing Milkmen

    One of my earliest memories is of my milkman who used to deliver the freshest milk to our house every day, and always managed to do it with a smile. Looking back, I have no idea what happened to him: or any of the other milkmen who used to parade down

  • The Highs and Lows of Skiing

    Every year at February half term, it surprises me how many people seem to choose that week to go on their ski holiday. And whether it was their first time skiing or they have been going since they could walk, everyone I know comes back from their

  • Vernon God Little

    After having read the brilliant book by DBC Pierre, I then decided to check out the Young Vic's production and I have to say they represented the novel brilliantly! The book and play respectively follows the story of a teenage boy Vernon (Joseph

  • Food, Festivals and Fun in the month of February

    This year, Chinese New Year took place on 3rd February. Chinese New Year is the most important annual celebration in Chinese culture and is celebrated all over the world. Traditional celebratory practices are becoming increasingly popular world wide

  • Six men arrested in connection with daylight armed robbery

    SIX men have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery that took place on Catford Broadway. Police were called to at approximately 1.20pm today to reports of an armed robbery at a supermarket on the Catford Broadway. A suspect

  • UFOs spotted in the area mean that big things are coming

    UFO sightings mean that aliens exist and that “something big is coming”. Files released by the Ministry of Defence reveal the Woolwich UFO Research Group reported unexplained phenomena in the sky in 2000 and 2001. In December 2000 they reported

  • NORTH KENT: Stop smoking advisors on hand for No Smoking Day

    A GROUP of advisors will be on hand in north Kent next week encouraging smokers to give up their habit. NHS West Kent representatives will offer free advice and carbon monoxide tests as part of a No Smoking Day campaign. Advisors will visit Asda,

  • The little things in life

    Book store Ink and Folly has only been open a month and already local residents are raving about the impact it has had on our neighbourhood. The small parade of shops on Eltham High Street has newly been privileged enough to be joined by the quaint

  • Orpington Library

    I cannot count the numerous amount of times I have firstly, said goodbye to the family, saying yes I have remembered my umbrella! Then, yes mum I have already put my bus pass in my bag. Following, okay mum, I’ll text you when I’m there. When I’m finally

  • UPDATE: Major disruption to traffic on Westhorne Avenue

    MAJOR delays are being reported on Westhorne Avenue, Lee because of an accident between Horn Park Lane and Burnt Ash Hill. Police were called to the scene at 1.15pm following reports of a collision between a car and a pedestrian. A source

  • O’Connors & Bellegrove take the titles

    The final league week of the South London & Kent Pool Alliance and all of the promotion, relegation and honours issues were decided with O’Connors and Bellegrove winning their respective divisions in style. In the SLKPA Premier Division

  • Girls not impressed with Jo Johnson’s sell of cuts

    Jo Johnson made an impressive appearance in Newstead Wood School on Friday 11th February. The new MP for Orpington tried hard to sell to con-lib policy on coalition cuts with a fifteen minuet presentation. He was invited by the politics society

  • MOVIE REVIEW: Desire **

    WHEN you write for a living, there are few things as frustrating as writer’s block. In his directorial debut, Gareth Jones attempts to explore not only the difficulties of the writing process but also the structure of relationships and the illusion

  • Union wins DLR strike appeal

    A RAIL union has won its appeal over the injunction which prevented a 48-hour strike on the DLR in January. The Court of Appeal today overturned the High Court ruling on behalf of operator Serco Docklands over a technical issue with the ballot

  • May Day move on the cards

    MAY Day bank holiday could be a thing of the past if the Government goes ahead with a strategy laid out by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. The 50-page document suggests moving the public holiday to an earlier date in spring or to the autumn

  • Appeal for Bromley people to become foster carers

    A FOSTER care agency is appealing for Bromley people to give a home to troubled children. There is currently a shortfall of 10,000 carers nationwide, and Greenwich based agency Foster Care Associates (FCA) is urging Bromley people to help.

  • SOUTHWARK: Real Ale at The Draft House

    The Draft House is a small group of public houses which aims to do for beer what our culture has done for food and wine over the past twenty years, namely taking provenance, cellaring and serving seriously, offering choice and quality with an extraordinary

  • LONDON: Workplace Pension In A Box

    Towergate Financial, the national financial planning and consultancy business, today announces the launch of a new and unique pension solution specifically for SME customers. The new ‘Workplace Pension in a Box’ has been developed in partnership

  • MOVIE REVIEW: The Adjustment Bureau ***

    IT WON'T be long before Philip K Dick’s entire back catalogue has been adapted for screen. His books have given us some of cinema’s most memorable films including Blade Runner, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Minority Report and, uh, Paycheck

  • Motorcyclist dies after Lewisham High Street collision

    A MOTORCYCLIST died following a collision with a car last night (Mar 3). Emergency services were called at around 8.45pm to Lewisham High Street. Fire crews from Lewisham and Greenwich were called to free the motorcyclist, who had become

  • SIDCUP: Health Secretary quashes any hope for Queen Mary's

    ANY hopes of saving emergency services at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup, now appear to have been dashed by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. In a letter to MP James Brokenshire, Mr Lansley has backed the opinions of NHS London and a cabinet