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Notice ID: SUT2099780

Notice effective from
27th May 2021 to 26th June 2021

London Borough of Sutton Public Notices
REF - (SuttMap 1098 Zone "A' Lingfield Road CPZ")

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Sutton made the above-mentioned Orders on 24 May 2021 under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended.

2. The general effect of the Orders will be to introduce the following parking and waiting changes necessary to control parking, whilst identifying and providing parking for resident permit holders and visitors in Lingfield Road.
(a) introduce no waiting 'at any time' (double yellow line) restrictions:-
- between Nos. 4 and 6
- between Nos. 8 and 10
- between Nos. 16 and 20
(b) add residents permit and visitor voucher parking places to 'Zone A', in which vehicles in respect of which a valid permit has been granted would be able to park between 8am and 6.30pm on Monday to Saturday
- outside Nos. 2 to 4
- outside Nos. 6 to 8
- outside Nos. 10 to 16
- outside Nos. 18 and 20
Note: For Zone "A" properties in Lingfield Road and No.45 Cheam Common Road would be added to the eligibility for permits.

3. Permit charges for the new residents permit holders parking places referred to in item 2(b), preceding would be as follows:-
(a) the charge for residents parking permits would depend on the permit group, set by the Council based on the C02 emissions of the vehicle for which the permit is issued (see the Schedule to this Notice) allocated to the vehicle for which the permit is issued, as set out in the following table -
Permit Group (see Schedule)__Standard Charge (per year)
1  £40
2  £55
3  £80
4  £110
5  £150
Additional residents permits may be issued at the standard charge shown above, plus a surcharge of £25 for a second permit and £50 for a third, in respect of a household. Where the CO emissions of a vehicle are not known due to the vehicle's age or similar, permit group 3 charges woufd apply. Wholly electric vehicles (EV's) would be exempt from any charge. A maximum of 3 resident's permits would be issued in respect of any household at any one time.
(b) residents visitors vouchers would be available free of charge to residents up to a maximum of 50 hours per household in any one year. Additional hours thereafter may be purchased at a charge of £61 per 100 hours.
(c) carer permits for essential care visits would be available at the following charges: (A) £35 per year for an individual permit, which allows a carer to park in any permit holders parking place; or (B) £50 per year for each organisational permit, which allows an organisation to park in any permit holder's parking place for up to 3 hours maximum per day.
(d) child care permits which allow a person providing child care to park in any permit holders parking place specific to the relevant permit parking area for which it is issued would be available at a charge of £35 per year.
(e) There would be a £25 administrative charge for any alteration to a permit.

4. Copies of the Orders, which will come into force on 2 August 2021 and of the Orders that will be revoked or amended by these Orders, the Council's Statement of Reasons for making the Orders may be inspected at the Council's Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 1EA between 9am and 5pm on Monday to Friday.

5. If any person wishes to question the validity of these Orders or of any of their provisions on the grounds that they are not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or that any requirement of the said Act of 1984 or of any instrument made under the said Act of 1984 has not been complied with, that person may, within 6 weeks from the date on which the Orders were made, apply for the purpose to the High Court.

Dated 27 May 2021

SCHEDULE - Permit Groups
[see item 3(a)]
Permit Groups for Petrol and Diesel Fuel Vehicles:
Permit Group__Vehicle Type__CO, emissions (g/km)
1   L7 and M1  Up to 120
2   L7 and M1  121 - 165
3   L7 and M1  166 - 225
4   L7 and M1  226 and over

Permit Groups for Alternative Fuel Vehicles:
Permit Group__Vehicle Type__CO, emissions (g/km)
1   L7 and M1  Up to 140
2   L7 and M1  141 - 185
3   L7 and M1  186 - 255
4   L7 and M1  256 and over
Note: These permit groups would be available for vehicle types L1 to L7 inclusive, (motorised vehicles less than 4 wheels including motorcycles) and M1 only (vehicles used for the carriage of passengers and comprising not more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat), as defined by the DVLA vehicle type approval. For the avoidance of doubt this would not include vehicles designated by the DVLA as 'special purpose vehicles'.
Additional Permit Group - Goods vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes (m.g.w.):
Permit Group Vehicle Type C02 emissions (g/km)
5  N1  Any
Note: This permit group would be available for vehicle type N1 (motor vehicles having at least 4 wheels which are designed and constructed for the carriage of goods and have a maximum gross weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes) as defined by the DVLA vehicle type approval. For the avoidance of doubt any vehicle of vehicle type N1, such as light goods vehicles, will be classified as permit group 5 regardless of taxation class.
Technical details of vehicles can be found on the vehicle's registration certificate (V5C) or new keeper details section (V5C/2).

Further information regarding vehicle type can be found via:


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London Borough of Sutton

Civic Offices , St. Nicholas Way , Sutton , SM1 1EA 020 8770 5000


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