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Here in London and the South East, 90% of people use the Internet regularly¹. That’s a pretty big audience to ignore — and it's getting bigger.

In fact, five years ago the News Shopper website attracted 167,323 unique users, today it has 799,729. That’s a 378% increase in audience (your potential customers).

If that doesn’t convince you that your business could be missing out if you don’t get online, call 01689 885 607 and let us give you a few more persuasive reasons.

Generate new leads

Sometimes online can sound complicated and confusing but at its simplest it's just another way of reaching potential customers.

Advertising with us has the advantage of massive audiences drawn by 24-hour local news updates and a trusted brand.

Targeting and timing

One advantage of online is that you can target those people most likely to buy your product or service; cutting out waste and saving you money. Do you want to reach the very rich, the elderly, people who live in a certain area, holidaymakers, homeowners? It really is up to you.

We can target by what customers are reading on our sites, what other websites they have visited, and what links they click on.

Why not just show your ad campaign on certain sections of the website? You know visitors to the homes section are most likely to be interested in buying or selling a house; visitors to the cars section are more likely to want to buy a car. Genius! Using some pretty sophisticated software we can help you direct your ad campaign at your best prospects.

Advertise when it suits your business — weekends only, when you’ve got a sale on, evenings etc. With online, you are in control.


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