Walking through a Christmas heaven surrounded by fairground rides taller than the trees, strings of bright, Christmas lights above your head enclosed by stalls selling handmade decorations and snow beneath your feet.  Everyone’s Christmas dream!  This is exactly what you get at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland! Well, maybe not the snow….

This fabulous, open-air, Christmas landmark event has been loved for over 10 years by both tourists and Londoners.  It is located in the centre of London making it easily accessible by public transport.  Its wide opening hours of 10am-10pm make it possible for a whole day of rides and festivities or purely an evening of enjoyment!  With its free entry, one can simply wonder around and take in the festive atmosphere. Its opening date was 17th November and with its final day being 1st January there is only a few days left of Christmas joy to be had at Hyde Park!  

Every year thousands of people travel from all over the world to visit Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland so we are extremely lucky to live just a train journey away. Each year there is always something new.  Whether it be a new show, performance, stalls or rides.

 Although it is mainly known for its rollercoasters and festive market, it offers many other attractions too. From the magical ice kingdom, the UK’s largest ice rink, Zippos circus, live music, food and drink stalls, big wheel, Santa land, karaoke and cocktails and its own official shop. New additions for this year are Cinderella on Ice, the Sooty Christmas show and a 360°C viewing tower.

A firm favourite of mine is the ice kingdom, which is always incredible. It takes you on an immersive walk-through experience filled with beautiful ice sculptures.  To ensure the figures do not melt the large room is kept at -10 °C, so make sure you wrap up warm!  Not only does it include statues but also an ice slide!  Each year the magic ice kingdom has a different theme, this year’s is “under the sea”.

The 360°C viewing tower is a new addition to this year’s attractions.  It is an eighty metre high platform that provides you with a 360°C view of London’s skyline.  It even rotates meaning you get to enjoy multiple landmarks; some of these include the Shard, BT Tower, and an overview of Buckingham Palace.

A fellow visitor, who has been multiple times before told me “Winter Wonderland just gets bigger and better every year!”  The wonderful Christmas lights, rides and stalls gives a fantastically Christmas feel. So, if you are you are a junky for Christmas events then Winter Wonderland is the place for you!

By Lily Buttery, Farringtons School