Dame Judi Dench has said she can't watch herself on screen immediately after filming a role.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel star says she has to give herself time before assessing her own performance because she's "hyper critical".

"It's better for me as time goes by. I watch [my performance] after I've forgotten all about it, because otherwise I get fixated and my judgment goes too," she said.

Dame Judi, who recently revealed she had problems with her sight after being diagnosed with macular degeneration, has recently been back on the Bond set filming her role as spy boss M.

"It's very nice indeed to go back," the Oscar-winner said.

"There are some brilliant sets and it's being directed by Sam Mendes, who I worked with, oh, when he was a little baby boy really.

"It was about the second or third thing he did. He directed me in The Cherry Orchard on stage, so now he's doing this."

:: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is in cinemas now.