ADDICKS columnist MATIAS GREZ believes Monday’s trip to Hillsborough is the ideal opportunity for Callum Harriott and Bradley Pritchard to stake a first team claim.

AFTER yet another cancellation of a football match we are involved in, the backlog of games we now have is quickly becoming unmanageable.

This coming weekend is a microcosm of the remainder of the season - having a short rest in between an FA Cup match and an extremely vital League home game.

There was a photo doing the rounds on Twitter that listed our fixtures from now until the end of the season, showing we now have to play every Saturday and Tuesday – if we make it to the FA Cup semi-final – from now until the end of the season, leaving no free date for our trip to Brighton.

Of course, the dilemma for Chris Powell is to decide which competition he needs to prioritise.

The route to a semi-final at Wembley is now extremely open, but is it more important than making sure we are a Championship club again next season?

For some of the players in Powell’s squad, this opportunity to play at Wembley might be the last one they have and it should not be passed up lightly.

However, the thought of going back down to the third tier of English football is excruciating.

We do not want to be a Peterborough and yoyo between the Championship and League One.

That is not the club we are.

Although The Valley pitch is now playable, it is still mainly mud as opposed to grass.

Playing two games of football in three days is tiring enough without a mud bath sapping any remaining energy out of your legs.

For me, as nice as I think reaching Wembley would be, the priority has to be staying in the Championship.

It is extremely unlikely the same team will be able to compete to their maximum with just one day’s rest before making the long trip up north.

The trip to Sheffield Wednesday on Monday is the perfect opportunity for the likes of Bradley Pritchard and Callum Harriott to re-establish themselves in Powell’s squad - and a chance for the new players to prove they deserve to be in the starting XI.

It seems harsh Harriott and Pritchard have been left out for the majority of the season due to just one or two bad performances, especially as recent results have not exactly been in our favour, and Sheffield Wednesday is their chance to show Powell what he has been missing.

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