EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey says advanced talks are taking place to close the Premier League and Football League transfer windows before the start of the season.

The window currently ends on August 31, which is nearly a month after each season starts.

Charlton boss Karl Robinson and Millwall manager Neil Harris have said they would like the deadline for deals brought forward.

Speaking about the possibility of bringing the closure of the summer transfer window forward, Harvey told BBC Radio 4:“Generally I think the mood is that it will be an improvement.

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“There are some significant concerns at some Premier League clubs around European competitions - the teams they are playing against being able to sign players after them.

“And from the EFL's perspective we have some real practical challenges to get over as well. Traditionally we start the season at different dates, so which start of the season are we going to use?

“Some of our clubs also survive on transfer income - selling players is an absolutely critical part of their business plan.

“There are a number of checks and balances we need to take to make sure this decision doesn't lead to some unintended consequences.”