Tony Watt - Watt a glorious specimen of a striker with so much talent and skill. But he has never shown it in enough sustained periods to be that 20-goal-a-season striker that all teams in League One and the Championship crave. The question is why?

Many look back on his days at Celtic with his goal against Barcelona, which made people believe that it led to an attitude problem. But deep down he is a young man, living away from his family to chase the dream of being a professional football player.

You would be lying if you said that at the age of 20/21 you didn’t want to go back to your parents. And that’s what I believe he has missed in the early stages of his football career - to have the support of friends and close family.

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But looking forward to this season, what makes me think that Watt will be a success? From early reports, he has come back fitter and leaner than expected in pre-season and has so far been injury free.

He seems to have shown desire in his outside life with his own personal YouTube project, Watt To Watch, which keeps him engaged and this enthusiasm could and I believe will spill over on to the green grass of the Valley.

We can all agree that Watt has talent that most players in League One would give their left leg for.

Success in this league will be based on the team as well as Watt, with the tricky wingers and forwards brought in by our chief executive Katrien Meire, who is showing great support to Karl Robinson with the freedom to get the players he wants in.

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Tony Watt

This should allow some of the attention to be taken away from Watt who can hopefully terrorise League One defenders either from the no.9 position or just sitting behind and linking up with the midfield and forwards.

Remember in his first season with the Addicks, Watt was an unknown entity to most players in the Championship and he showed what he can do with his skill and goalscoring ability.

Deep down we all know we want Watt to succeed and prove the doubters wrong, I definitely do and we all know the 'Tony Watt Watt Watt' chant is a guilty pleasure for us all. I certainly think he'll come good this season.