Charlton Athletic fans have blasted the club secretary's wife after she seemingly compared anti-management fans to the Westminster terrorist.

Fuming fans heckled Sue Parkes, married to long-term management member Chris, at the team's Peterborough game on Saturday amid a dispute between the club regime and fans.

But Mrs Parkes later took to social media and appeared to suggest protesters were akin to Khalid Masood, who killed four people on March 22.

She wrote: "It is time that some of our fans realised and seriously thought about the fact that the sad and terrible reason we will be having a memorial for PC Palmer on Tuesday night is due to one person allowing hatred to burn them up until they committed an atrocity so wicked that it has destroyed many lives.

"Hate that stemmed from his dislike of others and their ways.

"Time for them to seriously think about bringing the Club back together again.

"As Nelson Mandella [sic] said we weren't born with hate in our hearts we have to be taught to hate.

"Too many people these days around us are trying to teach others to hate."

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The row between the management team - Belgian owner Roland Duchatelet, non-executive chairman Richard Murray and chief executive Katrien Meire - and fans has escalated since the team's appointment in 2014.

Fans have accused the regime of running the club into the ground, taking them from a ninth place Championship finish in the 2012-13 season to 16th in League One, where they currently sit.

Sue Parkes has previously been accused of stoking the fire between the directors' box and fans, and has been criticised for her social media outbursts despite her husband's position.

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Life-long season ticket holder Paul Manning, 34, is not one of the club's "hardcore" fans, but insists Mrs Parkes has gone too far.

He said: "It's a real shame that the wife of club secretary - who is well-respected - is making comments aligning fans with terrorists.

"It's incredibly ill-judged considering that the protest was suspended on Tuesday night so everyone could attend the game to donate proceeds to PC Keith Palmer.

"She's not happy, so she's comparing fans to terrorists and labelling us bigots and racists.

"People had season tickets suspended because of social media posts but it's okay for her to do?

"I think it's disgusting, and a lot of people have emailed the club asking them to distance themselves from her.

"It's all over Twitter, everyone's up in arms about it and we're very unhappy, the timing is disgraceful.

"I'm not even a protester, I'm just a regular season ticket holder, and even I think this is not on."

Mr Manning, like other fans, called for the club to publicly denounce Mrs Parkes' comments.

He added: "It's just not right.

"She's had a lot of run-ins with fans in the past, and it makes you wonder if she should be involved and sitting in the directors' box if she's going to make these comments.

"I feel like the club won't say anything but she has a lot to do with Charlton - she's in the box every game and someone that close to regime saying stuff like that makes it look like they share the sentiment."

A Charlton Athletic spokesman said: "Sue Parkes has no official role at the club and her comments were her personal view."

Sue Parkes refused to comment.