Charlton fans are travelling to the Belgian hometown of their club’s owner to protest against how their club is being run.

The demonstration will be the largest ever held by Addicks supporters against their club boss Roland Duchatelet.

Fans will be travelling to his home town of Sint-Truiden on March 4 and is being funded by an alliance of Charlton Pressure groups.

These include the Coalition Against Roland Duchatelet (CARD), the Belgium 20 grou,p and the recently formed Women Against the Regime (WAR).

The groups are trying to persuade the maximum number of Charlton supporters to travel and have their voices heard directly by Duchatelet, has not attended a game at The Valley since 2014.

The Addicks' independent protest fund, which has already raised more than £50,000 to fund protests against Duchatelet's Charlton regime, has pledged financial backing to help keep down the cost of the trip to supporters.

Transport is being organised to Belgium to help as many Charlton fans as possible take part.

A CARD spokesperson said: "The next stage of our campaign will be squarely focused on Duchatelet in Belgium. It's clear that previous protests in his home town have got to him and that stepping up action there has to be a key part of persuading him to sell the club as a matter of urgency.

"The protest will be lawful and responsible, but we have every intention of embarrassing Duchatelet in his own country and we hope as many Charlton fans of all ages as are able will take part.

"We have chosen this date for many reasons, one of which is that we know Charlton’s away allocation at Northampton Town that day is very likely to sell out regardless.

“There can therefore be no sensible claim that the protest is affecting the level of support for the team.

"We are also mindful that Charlton fans want to see manager Karl Robinson given every chance to steer the team towards the League One play-offs if that remains a possibility, and there can be no serious suggestion that protests taking place in Belgium affect that negatively.”

Charlton fans have made several previous high-profile 600-mile round trips to Belgium, most recently in mid-November when the Belgium 20 came across Duchatelet as he was eating lunch.

This enabled fans to refute previous claims by club officials that he watched every Charlton match on a live video stream, as the team was playing Swindon Town at exactly the same time.

Days later a CARD contingent in a London taxi emblazoned with anti-regime messages visited locations in Belgium targeting Duchatelet's sporting, business and political interests.