They say in football if you can’t be a good manager, be a lucky one.

Uwe Rösler has the whole package - he’s a good manager, as proven by a successful spell at Brentford and an impressive record so far at Wigan.

He’s also lucky - lucky there were numerous coaching staff between himself and Big Bad Bobby Peeters after he unwisely decided to start prodding fingers into the chest of the 6ft5in Belgian.

Peeters proved last Saturday he has plenty of fight in him after Rösler’s foul-mouthed attack which followed the final whistle blowing on a game that saw the Addicks claim all three points in slightly fortuitous circumstances.

Franck Moussa’s stoppage time 20-yard pile-driver looped up over Scott Carson following a wicked deflection to send Peeters, and The Valley, into uncontrolled ecstasy.

Rösler felt the Belgian had unfairly strayed into the German’s territory - how things have changed in 100 years - while celebrating the winner.

But the home fans shared in the delight of the new head coach after a dogged display from the home team showed it’s not just the gaffer who has some bite to go with the bark.

In the sort of game where last season we would have found themselves probing without really breaking through the midfield, before blaming it all on Simon Church anyway, this time around the Addicks were creating chances.

And now we have strikers who give the sort of nightmares to opposition defenders harmless crosses give to Miguel Llera.

There was only one downside to the fine victory over Wigan.

Keeper Scott Carson, while prone in the goalmouth mourning his rotten luck, was spat upon by a man who is probably, even now, sat at home delighted he managed to produce something more coherent than normal out of his awful, awful mouth.

Luckily the team he was there to watch put in a braver performance than his cowardly, disgusting act did.

Having seen off Wigan, Charlton faced an even sterner test last night at home to Derby County, managed by a now brolly-less Wally, and one of the favourites to claim the Championship title this year.

George Tucadean - who had been the early season contender to take the crown of official Charlton Athletic scapegoat from Simon Church - was another Addick to show that this team has developed a certain fearless streak, winning back the heart of the Valley crowd with a goal and winning a penalty.

A goal from the spot for Buyens just on the bell for half-time and the knockout blow from Igor Vetokele sealed the 3-2 raiding of the Rams.

However, the game was seen out nervously after a Nicky Pope, making his full debut, let his guard down with five minutes left and let one bobble through his legs.

But this is Charlton. New Charlton. Scrappy Charlton.

Did Popey cower in his corner? No.

He plucked a testing cross out of mid-air in injury time to relieve his team of rising pressure and helped Charlton hang on.

The young keeper was nervous throughout the game and it culminated in that error, but we all know there’s a fine young stopper in there.

Ask any York City fan. If you can find one.

Charlton supporters are always more forgiving to one of their own and as a player who has been with the academy for a couple of years now, I hope he receives the encouragement he deserves from the terraces.

It has been a fantastic start for Charlton.

We’ve won a few battles so far, let’s hope we can finish in the top half of this war!

Come on you reds!

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