Millwall manager Ian Holloway sung his side’s praises after today’s 1-0 success at Fulham.

Martyn Woolford’s 12th minute strike proved to be the difference between the two London rivals after he converted Ricardo Fuller’s delivery to make it six points from six for the Lions, despite the visitors being under pressure for long periods after the break.

When asked how satisfied he was with the result against a side who have just spent 13 years in the Premier League, Ollie was beaming with pride.

He said: “There’s a difference between getting it and being satisfied with it - I’m absolutely delighted with it.

“Martyn Woolford is a credit and one of the best pros I’ve ever worked with.

“They are learning, they are working and they are showing it together.

“We got a few things wrong, we got a fair few bits right but we needed to today.

“It was a big, big game for one or two of the lads starting off a bit nervous because I wanted them to pass it out.”

Holloway added: “It was a big occasion but they grew into it.

“They scored a fantastic goal, a counter attacking goal.

“We need to credit my goalie for that, he has caught it and he has caught them on the break.

“We knew that we would try and push forward and Ricky (Fuller) was fantastic – a great goal – and then it is tough when they are used to passing the ball and moving it around.

“I thought we held our shape and we stepped up well and could have nicked it by a couple more.

“I needed my goalie to make two brilliant saves as well. All in all I’m absolutely delighted with my club.”

Irish international Forde certainly came to Millwall’s rescue a few times in the second period.

But with three clean sheets to his name already this season, Ollie explained why it made yesterday’s decision to allow his understudy join Gillingham until January much easier.

The Den chief said: “It has let me let Stephen Bywater out on loan because I’d be unfair to him to think he is going to get another contract next summer.

“I’ve already told him he is a wonderful fella but I need him to play some games – and if he does he might have a chance.

“If he plays brilliantly I might take him and I’ll have to tell my fans to stop calling him the West Ham fella, because he isn’t he plays for us now.

“Hopefully we are all trying to understand what I do for them and with them and the response has been fantastic.”

Millwall are now only being kept off the top of the table by Bournemouth’s superior goal difference but Ollie is reading nothing into that just yet.

He said: “Let’s not get carried away, that game could have been 2-1 or 3-1 to them maybe if we had let a goal in at the wrong time.

“It could have been 3-0 to us which wouldn’t have been fair to them with the chances, but overall I’d take that performance all day long.

“Whatever that score was I was more than happy with my team.

“We’ve got to believe in ourselves passing a lot more, we  can’t just keep on giving it away once we’ve stepped in.

“It has to be a pass, it has to be this, it has to be that but the balance between what I want to do I’m going to try and have a look, take my time.

“I’m just delighted from a difference because it is amazing how you feel about yourself.

“Really life is all about how you see yourself and that’s what I need to change – how we all see ourselves playing for this club.”

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