What a fantastic start to the season, not just to win the first game, but it’s always great to beat Leeds, who still think they are back in their successful top tier days 20 years ago.

The Lions looked up for it - and with Dunney as skipper they were ready for the normal tricks Leeds throw at us.

Our fans were great and really got the atmosphere rocking at The Den.

Unfortunately Ollie decided to pop the fans off to the press for a Jimmy Savile chant, which was aimed at the Leeds fans.

Not surprisingly, that was the main thing that the national press concentrated on.

The Daily Mail actually made a two page spread on it.

For someone who is very media savvy, I am really disappointed Ollie said anything at all.

I would have thought after him supposedly knowing Kenny Jackett so well, Kenny would have told him how the press like to hold on to and exaggerate anything negative about Millwall or the fans.

Only time will tell how long this “Gung-ho – I say what I want” approach will wash with the fans, because if his negative comments about us keep making big headlines in the papers it won’t be long before he potentially makes himself a very unpopular person in SE16.

On to last night’s cup game at home to Wycome Wanderers.

As usual we made hard work of the 1-0 victory, and it was great for Matt Briggs to score his first goal for the Lions in the 27th minute.

However, his celebration of taking his shirt off earned him a yellow card, which he would laster regret as he got another in the 58thminute for a tackle and was off for an early bath.

The subs bench was the first in nearly 10 years to be nearly full of home-grown players all chomping at the bit and ready to prove themselves.

It’s a great relief to see that Neill Harris and Scott Fitzgerald are certainly doing something right with the youth set up.

 I am really looking forward to seeing some of these fellas in the first team on a regular basis.

Now it’s on to the next round of the league cup and of course Fulham away on Saturday.

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