Millwall have confirmed they are looking into their ticketing system after fans were left frustrated when trying to book seats for the forthcoming trip to Fulham on August 16.

Supporters took to online forums and social media to complain the website for booking tickets kept crashing and also that they were being cut off by the ticketing phone line following long waits.

And now the newly-formed Association of Millwall Supporters (AMS) are demanding answers – and an apology – from the club’s commercial department.

In a letter to Millwall, the AMS wrote: “We were told that the QPR situation would not be repeated, it was.

“It’s all very well blaming the provider, but the club is culpable as it has entered into the agreement with this particular ticketing agency.”

A spokesman for the Lions told News Shopper they were aware of the problems some fans had encountered while trying to book Fulham tickets and are investigating what happened.

The club also confirmed provisions are being made to introduce a new ticketing system soon which will improve the situation.

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