Ian Holloway feels Millwall deserve to be treated equally by the police when it comes to arranging pre-season games.

The Lions boss praised the travelling fans for their impeccable behaviour throughout Saturday’s 2-2 draw at Stevenage but reiterated his annoyance at the cost of policing for friendlies with his side.

“I’m delighted with everybody it was a great work out,” Holloway explained.

“It was a great day and why can’t we play more of these? 

“Why should we be charged extra just for a game?

“Our fans were magnificent and they are magnificent. What’s the issue?

“I'm delighted with (Stevenage boss) Graham Westley, he told his club he has no issue with playing Ian Holloway’s team. 

“Why should anyone charge more because it’s us? I don't understand.

“Explain to me how we are the only ones who get treated differently to anybody else. I don't get it.”

The Lions could only arrange three friendlies with fans attending this season, with the final one being at home to Real Mallorca on August 1. 

And Holloway feels the lack of competitive warm-up matches is ultimately detrimental to his side.

“I’m not a shrinking violet but I don't get it,” he added.

“So if our police would like to explain to me how the hell we can’t have the same amount of friendlies as everybody else, and be charged the same amount, I’d like them to explain that.

“It’s making my job harder.”

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