If you’ve been feverishly collecting the World Cup 2014 football stickers by Panini, there’s a site that provides a shock to the system you might not want.

If, however, you’ve opted out of bothering to try and fill an album this summer, you can look smugly upon this site savouring how much time and expense you’ve saved yourself.

This clever and fun World Cup stickers calculating tool provides an animation showing a virtual Brazil 2014 collection being assembled. It shows a simulation of how much it could cost to complete the 638-sticker album and how big your pile of duplicates could be by the end.

It works on the basis of someone continuing to buy packs of stickers until they have got every single stadium, player, badge, team photo and special sticker – without using any other available means such as trading swapsies, buying stickers off eBay or sending an order to Panini for the remaining hard-to-get few.

When I tested it out, the site calculated I would need to spend a whopping £365.50 in order to find all 638 stickers – amassing a huge surplus of 3,017 doubles along the way.

Xavi of Spain proved to be the elusive last one, taking until 731 packs of stickers had been opened before he appeared.

It worked out around 57p per space in the book - each full pack of five stickers costs 50p.

Try it out for yourself here and see how you get on.

Also use the comments box below to tell us if you’re been collecting the World Cup stickers for real and what lengths you’ve gone to in order to fill your album. Have you got addicted to opening those yellow packs and hunting down the stickers you need?

We’d love to see your sticker-related pictures, such as you proudly holding aloft your completed album or showing off your big fate pile of swap – click here to email