Cody Carter may only be eight years old but he's about to embark on a journey which thousands of boys could only dream of.

The up-and-coming striker from Haberdashers' Aske's Crayford Academy has been offered a year's contract with Crystal Palace Football Club.

After playing for AFC All Stars based at Avery Hill Park in Eltham since he was five he has trained with Charlton Athletic and Tottenham Hotspur before being scouted last year by the Eagles who have given the youngster an academy place.

Cody, of Princes Road, Dartford, scored 21 goals for the All Stars this season and was given the top scorers award on Saturday at the end of term presentation.

His team-mates also signed his shirt and framed it for him as a goodbye present.

The sports mad youngster, who is in Year 3, told News Shopper: "I felt really good about it when I found out.

"I was surprised, one of my friends was also picked for Crystal Palace.

"We will be training three times a week and will play on the Sunday."

Cody's dad Kevin Carter, 32, of Bexley Road, Erith, said: "He started playing football in the toddler sessions and it's all he loves. He knackers me out most of the time.

"The academies enrol kids when they are really young and there are scouts at lots of matches.

"That is how Cody was spotted.

"He has trained at Charlton, Tottenham and Crystal Palace.

"He is not allowed to train for his club team any more now he has signed for Palace but they have a great reputation.

"Cody was chosen because he is quite good, he is a clever footballer and this is every little kid's dream.

"He is a good team player and good at passing and setting up goals. He is happy to pass the ball and has good vision when he is on the pitch.

"He works hard for the team and puts in a lot effort, he is also good at tackling.

"I think the academy liked him because he listens to the coaches and he is a well behaved child."

The father-of-two explained he always keeps Cody's feet on the ground despite his early success.

The proud dad added: " I have always loved football, he loves it even too much for me sometimes.

"It's all he wants to do every minute of the day.

"He is so determined, it is just non-stop."

Cody will start training for Crystal Palace in August and play matches from September to May.

The club carries out three reviews with parents throughout the season to see how players are progressing.

In April, Cody will discover whether the contract is to be extended.