Swanley’s Leon Senior is feeling fitter and stronger than ever ahead of Saturday’s televised semi-final clash with British light heavyweight champion Bob Ajisafe at Leeds Town Hall.

Southern area champion Senior is confident and taking heart from watching Ajisafe’s quarter-final performance against Dean Francis.

“Bob did exactly what he had to do but there were times that Francis was getting on top in that fight,” the Swanley man explained.

“Don’t get me wrong, there were times where Bob was on top but I think a younger Dean would have capitalised.

“But on this occasion he just didn’t seem to have enough to follow it up.

“I think Dean had the right game plan. I take a lot of confidence from what I saw in that fight.”

Senior progressed into the semi-finals, which will broadcast on Channel Five, with a non-contest result against former Commonwealth title challenger Tony Hill following an accidental clash of heads.

And the Swanley champion feels this extra time away from the competitive action will give him an advantage come fight night after Ajisafe came through an epic battle with Dean Francis in his quarter-final.

Senior said: “I haven’t had to go through 12 hard rounds like Bob did, so that’s a feather in my cap.

“I’m a lot fresher, I’m excelling in my training.

“I feel a lot fitter and a lot stronger than I did last time and by the time I get in there I’ll be in the best shape of my life.

“It is difficult to prepare for an unorthodox fighter like Bob, as you can’t gauge what they’re going to do next.

“However, I’m confident as I’ve seen opportunities where Dean could have capitalised and things he could have done which I feel I will be able take into the fight.”

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