Eddie Izzard has warned the top half of the Premier League that Crystal Palace will be coming for them next season.

The comedian was in Croydon yesterday and said he was delighted with the team’s achievements this season.

The Eagles beat Everton 3-2 yesterday which took them to 40 points in the league and basically secures top flight football for another season.

Mr Izzard, who spoke to the Croydon Guardian last year about his love for Palace, said the fans and team are relishing the challenge.

He said: “It is a beautiful thing. The people of Croydon can celebrate that.

“We have got games against Liverpool and Man City to come and we are relishing them, rather than fearing them like we used to in the old day.

“Look at the owners at Crystal Palace, they care, they are passionate, they are fans and they put their money on the line. They are a great example.”

He added: “The middle of the table is a whole new league for us and then there is the top of the table.

“We will deal with the top of the table next season but I want us aspiring forward. I want everyone to do that, I want the people of Croydon to do that.”

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Izzard was in Croydon yesterday