Millwall columnist AYSE SMITH pulls no punches this week with the Lions seemingly heading down to League One, bemoaning the lack of passion and commitment from the current squad.

How much disappointment can we be expected to put up with?

Every other team in the bottom six has some fight left in them, except the so-called Lions.

We hung on to 21st spot for what seemed like an eternity, but the inevitable happened when Charlton won one of their games in hand which meant we dropped into the bottom three.

You would, of course, expect the team to respond with some kind of determination.

No, they come out and play like headless chickens and lose while everyone else gains points in either draws or wins,so within two weeks we hit rock bottom.

We are always complaining about how badly we are treated by the referee.

Well, he couldn’t have been any better for us at home against Blackburn on Saturday after being given two penalites and having one opposition player sent off.

Surely we could win now?

Blackburn went down to 10-men, penalty scored they but still managed to equalise within eight minutes.

The second penalty was scored in the 88th minute and Blackburn again scored just four minutes later in injury time to keep it even.

Holloway continues to play three at the back and four or five strikers.

This may be an exciting way to play football when you’re in the top half of the table but when you’re languishing at the bottom and your five strikers couldn’t score in a brothel, it’s just far too dangerous because if you concede a goal, you’re never going to pull one back to get you out of trouble.

We’ve scored four goals in two games, that’s got to be something for us to be hopeful about, hasn’t it?

Oh hang on, though, one was an own goal from Birmingham (even though it was credited to Steve Morison) and the other three were penalties.

The trouble is I could count on one hand how many players we have out there who care if we win or lose.

The majority are either on loan, at the end of their career or out of contract in the summer, so don’t have to stay with us in League One.

Steve Lomas can’t be blamed solely for that, Ollie has brought in six of those since January himself.

The atmosphere at The Den this season has at times been like a morgue, but that can’t be down to the fans alone.

If the players give us something to cheer about, even if it’s just pure effort, then we will get behind them and spur them on.

But there has been nothing for us to get excited or hopeful about, I have already resigned myself to the fact we are going down.

Hearing comments like: “We will keep fighting and believing and I won’t stop encouraging these players,” and “We have to get some wins that other people don't think we will. I still believe,” are just making Ian Holloway sound very naive and I personally think pretty incompetent.

If he has any sense, he’ll field the youth team for the rest of the season and leave the first team at home.

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