Brands Hatch recently played host to the launch of the new Motorsport Vision Racing (MSVR) season at the organisation’s annual media day.

Many of MSVR’s 22 championships were represented on circuit during the day’s testing following the annual press conference hosted by MSV chief executive Jonathan Palmer.

News Shopper: MSVR racing Mini and Radical cars testing

Speaking about MSVR, the race organising division of major circuit owner MSV, Palmer offered a unique insight into the club.

He said: “MSVR is just about to start its ninth season since we started back in 2006.

“It took a couple of years before we realised it was an opportunity to create our own race organising club to try and provide competitors and championships with a higher standard still of organised events so people could enjoy their motor racing even more.

“Overall it has been very successful and it's a great credit to David Scott, who is the principal of MSVR, and his team who do a great job.”

News Shopper: MSVR Racing saloons testing

Palmer added: “The MSVR operation is based here at Brands Hatch and this year we are going to be running some 22 championships and series.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but one of the healthiest parts of motor racing in this country is club and national motorsport.

“We have always been very, very eager to embrace club racing, national racing and the importance of it and we have worked hard to be a better and better supplier.”

Palmer also revealed more details about MSVR’s plans for the season ahead in 2014, including their role in the return of international sportscars to Brands Hatch and a further expansion of the many MSVR-run festivals.

He explained: “You can obviously expect MSVR to run at the MSV circuits, but we do more than that.

“We’re not just about having motor racing going on our own circuits, we’re also about motor racing going to most of the UK’s circuits.

News Shopper: MSVR racing cars line-up on the grid

“This year we’re running on more circuits than ever before - eight circuits across the country, and Rockingham is new this year.

“We also run at Donington, Silverstone and Castle Combe”

The chief executive added: “Another evolution for us is Chris Evans’ Carfest event at Laverstoke Farm at Jody Sheckter’s lovely estate in the south.

News Shopper: Cars from the NASCAR Euroseries line-up on the grid. Event is on June 8th.

“The northern one had been held at Oulton Park for the first time last year to great success, and MSVR ran the track activity there.

“It’s a credit to David Scott and his team that we have been asked to run the track element at Laverstoke too.

“The Mini festival is something which has really captured a lot of hearts and Brands’ Mini festival last year and the year before has been a big event, so much so that it is expanding to one for the north at Oulton Park too.

“That is going to be exciting for us.”

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