Derby defender Jake Buxton feels Millwall players time-wasted by going down too easily, but admits the Lions "did a job" on the promotion chasers.

A contingent of Millwall players went down throughout the game after challenges from the home side, which left them needing treatment from physio Bobby Bacic.

Buxton said: “If I’m the manager I’d tell the player to get up.

“They’re supposed to be Millwall – they’re going down like softies.

“You don’t expect it from any footballer. Get up on your feet. That was what frustrated me.

“We’ve got to rise above what they were doing.

“How he [Holloway] can moan about it when all they’ve done when eight people go down for over a minute.

“They keep going down, they keep going down, they keep going down.

“Once in the first half they should have had a foul and it broke down and they fouled.

“That’s the only time today.

“They’ve come and done a job on us and stopped us from playing."

He added: “How many did the referee put up? [Seven], well one minute wrong.

“We got sucked into it and we decided to go a little bit longer.

“We need to get the ball down and break teams down by passing them to death.

“It was embarrassing."

Aside from the Derby defender's dismay at the alleged time-wasting from the visitors, he admitted the Lions did what they needed to do to get all three points.

He said: “They did a job on us.

“They parked the bus in front of goal.

“They made it hard for us to break them down.

“We lacked the quality in the final third."

Steve Morison scored the winner just after the hour mark and Buxton says they can’t dwell on the goal that ended a seven-match unbeaten run for the Rams or the result itself.

He said: “We set up for the ball in the box and we were told on Friday that they play it short down the left and we’ve not picked up on it.

“The ball has come into the box and it’s ended up in the back of the goal.

“At worst we should have come off with a 0-0 today.

“We don’t want to dwell on it too much as we’re having a tremendous season and it’s a missed opportunity to put pressure on Burnley."

Buxton added: “Against Burnley we didn’t get what we deserved and it disappointed us.

“We got down to Millwall as soon as we got in on Monday.

“We organised ourselves and prepared for Millwall.

“We started the game quite well.

“The time-wasting and slowing things down that they did disrupted us.

“We didn’t get the ball down and play the ball fluently as we did."