LIONS boss Ian Holloway has hit back at claims he encouraged his side to feign injury in a bid to waste time.

Several Millwall players went down injured during periods of the 1-0 away win on Saturday and sections of the Derby support felt the visiting players went down too easily to waste time. And Ollie was none too pleased at the criticism of his players.

He said: “I was being criticised for them being on the floor.

“What on earth can I do about that?

“If they've got kicked what can I do about that?

“What can I do about that, some of the (Derby) fans outside said I'm telling them to lie down."

The Lions boss was also far from pleased by the performance of referee Mick Russell and said there were some ‘bizarre’ decisions in the game and little protection for his players.

Ollie explained further that he was not seeking the referee to apologise for hie performance but he was seeking to make a complaint.

He said: “I think I saw some really strange decisions out there, as an away manager.

“I saw some really strange decisions.

“I'm going to get a chance to actually complain about this performances with some marks.

“I think my centre-half Shane Lowry was completely leathered three times by Conor Sammon, he didn't mean to do it, but he caught him three times and nothing was done."

Holloway added: "Today I thought it was quite bizarre, the referee's overall performance and I’ll have a chance to say that.

“I’m not asking this referee to apologise.

“I think we both (Holloway and Steve McClaren) saw some bizarre decisions.

“I've seen what we saw out there, personally, as an away manager, there were some good challenges, some ‘go on get in there’, I didn't see him help my team, personally.”