By Rob Horgan

VETERAN St Paul’s Cray table tennis player Paul Beck has made history by becoming the oldest ever player to feature in the British League Premier at the seasoned age of 65.

In his first match Beck beat Chinese player Lobsang Lama and became not only the oldest player to play but also the oldest ever winner.

After his achievement, he said: “I love breaking records, that is what drives me on.

“Last year I became the oldest ever winner of the English national championships and I just want to keep breaking records.”

Beck is nicknamed the Octopus and describes himself as “the biggest showman in the game”.

He believes that table tennis needs an injection of character in order to gain the deserved publicity within the UK.

The St Paul’s Cray ping-pong ace said: “I’ve always thought table tennis players should have a nickname.

“Snooker and darts have taken table tennis over in terms of publicity and that’s due to the showmanship.

“Since I put my nickname on my shirt it’s caused enormous publicity.

“After one game and I even had an email from South Korea congratulating me.

“More players should do it, it gets more publicity for the sport.”

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