MILLWALL’S squad have put pen to paper on new contracts – but not the kind of lucrative ones professional footballers are usually associated with.

New manager Ian Holloway has demanded every member of his team sign up to the new Ollie code of conduct. Or else.

Since taking control last week the boss has been busy assessing what he has inherited at The Den and certainly hasn’t wasted any time shaking things up.

The contracts contain a series of words players are now expected to embody at all times and anyone who doesn’t adhere to what they’ve agreed to had better be prepared to face the wrath of Holloway.

He explained: “It’s a new contract they’ve signed with me. I don’t care what contract or money they are on, I’m talking about what you are going to bring to our badge, to our club.

“I’ve had a lot worse than this, I’ve had administration and all that and everything has gone wrong.

“Listen, it is just where you start because when I came in on Monday I had a look at some figures that my sports scientists gave me and there’s too many in the red, too many in the yellow and you’ve all got to be in the green. That’s for body fats.

“So for me that tells me they haven’t been enjoying what they are doing, and they’ve been making some excuses.

“I’m not criticising anybody, not the last lot, whoever it is.

“We’ve got lots of senior pros that sometimes can be a bit judgemental of things.

“They won’t be judgemental of me, I won’t allow them to because I’ve had 18 years of knocking people into shape and there has been a lot worse than this.

“So they’ve all signed a contract on Monday.”

And Holloway was more than happy to tell the fans exactly what the squad have signed up to.

“I’ll read what they’ve said they will all promise me: Determination, intensity, winning mentality, passion, goals, desire, ready to go, desire to succeed, respect, heart, patience, punctuality, courage, encouragement, professionalism, discipline, love, ambition, togetherness, pride, style, honesty, quality, loyalty, never not try, demanding, never give up, hard work, passion, dedication, family, promotion, class, energy. Enthusiasm is contagious is yours worth catching?

“I bring them truth and commitment so that is what they are signing to.

“They are all going to sign this and it is going to be on the wall, because at the minute I’m not sure they’ve been bringing those words, I’m not sure we’ve had that sort of thing so that is my contract with them.

News Shopper: The contract

“Anyone who steps out of line you’ve already signed that, you’ve broke the contract, get out.

“That’s all I can bring and that’s where it all starts – standards.”

Holloway added: “Let’s forget all of the excuses anybody has had, all the change, all the disruption from Kenny’s regime to what I’m just replacing. That’s all nonsense.

“Where are you starting as a person?

“And I think our fans would love to be part of that because it is contagious.

“That’s where we start and when they sign that I’ve got them by the short and curlies and if anybody then steps out of line and they don’t bring that to me, say somebody is late, then hang on a minute, you signed a contract, get out.”

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