THE ongoing Valley pitch problems may lead Charlton to change their style of play, according to manager Chris Powell.

Tuesday’s 2-2 cup draw with Oxford was the first fixture played in SE7 following three postponements in the space of a week caused by the drainage collapse which the club have promised to fix in the summer.

But with 11 home Championship fixtures to be played between now and the end of the campaign until then, Powell’s side are going to have to make do with the situation and adapt accordingly.

“We are going to have to deal with it and get our heads around it,” the manager said.

“It is not great for our supporters, and I know they’ll support the team through anything and everything that goes on – I know that and that’s a credit to them.

“But of course they want to see us play, they want to see us perform.

“It does become a bit of a lottery but everyone will say it is the same for both teams, which it is but the opposition don’t have to play on it every other week.

“We are going to have to just deal with it and hope that we do get some sort of credence to the pitch that will allow us to play, but again we will have to adapt.

“Oxford went long and pressured us and maybe that’s the way on that pitch.

“Tactically you have to change, you can’t always play in those areas which aren’t conducive to good football but we are just going to have to get on with it.

“It is a tough year, a tough season with all that has gone on with the takeover, with the squad and the injuries and now we’ve got the pitch it is almost like there is always something around the corner.

“We’ve got to show a real depth of belief and character to that, we’ve just got to get on with it.”

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