CHRIS Powell is still to discuss his own future with Charlton’s new Belgian owners but is adamant he wants to stay.

The Addicks boss celebrated three years in charge of the club this week but his current deal runs out in the summer.

Powell has already held talks with new owner Roland Duchatelet about a number of issues, notably the number of first team players who are also out of contract at the end of this season.

But when asked when he expects to resolve his own situation, Powell replied: “That’s a good question because Roland and his team have come in and they’re looking at everything at the football club.

“We’ve got issues on and off the field which have to be resolved and they are looking at it and trying to resolve them as quick as they can.

“I can’t give you a time limit on what is going to happen with myself but of course I want to stay here, so do my staff and a lot of the players do but it is something that has to be looked at and we will see what the future holds.”

He added: “I’m sure the players are looking at it because you want to be settled, you want to know is that going to be the structure on the management and coaching side.

“And of course they look at the players who are re-signing or coming in is that going to make us stronger?

“So there is a lot of elements and a lot of issues to be resolved that are in the mix and I’m hoping it will just give us a better indication of the future for Charlton Athletic.”

The manager remains determined the majority of out of contract players will remain in SE7 for the foreseeable future.

Powell said: “With the meetings I’ve had that’s high on the agenda.

“It has to be resolved sooner rather than later that’s for sure because we’ve got some good players that I want to remain here.

“We’ve got to speak to players and advisors now and that always takes time.

“They want time, they want to make the best decision whether it is here or elsewhere.

“All of the players and all of the staff, that is something I want to have resolved as soon as possible.”

The Addicks boss was pressed on how positive those discussions with the new owners had been so far.

“I’m trying to build a relationship with new people,” he said.

“They’re looking at the squad and they want to know who I feel will move forward with us, young and old players. We’ve got to look at everyone.

“There are a lot of discussions that lay ahead for me amongst all the games and then we will see where that takes us.

“I’ve gone on record since the summer that if we wanted to push on from the position we were in last year we needed to keep some of those players we sadly let go and put some on to but that costs money.

“I know it is very easy for me to say but you’ve got to pay money to get them in, whether that is on wages or a transfer fee, so again that comes into it.

“Do we spend money? Is there money available? What is the budget?

“They are aspects of the discussions that have been going on since Roland has taken over and they will continue to go on.”

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