ADDICKS columnist MATIAS GREZ is still seething about Saturday’s late Barnsley postponement but calms down enough to take a positive look at what the new Belgian owners might bring to the club.

IN a week in which this blog was meant to be all about an exciting new era under the ownership of Belgian businessman Roland Duchâtelet, it will instead be mostly about the farcical scenes which surrounded the club on Saturday afternoon.

I cannot think of times when I have been embarrassed by the actions of my club, but Saturday was certainly a first.

In a sport where more often than not you have animosity towards your opponents, I could not help but feel more than sorry for the Barnsley fans who had to make a near 400-mile round trip, only to be told a mere hour and a half before kick-off the match was cancelled.

How the club felt an inspection was not needed on Friday is beyond me.

Considering the state of the pitch and the two earlier postponements of the Oxford game, it should have been top of their agenda.

But perhaps the biggest kick in the teeth was the deafening two hour silence from the club after they announced at 1.30pm the match was not going to take place.

The club felt it was important enough to Tweet fans telling them to vote for a Big Brother contestant the night before, but not important enough to inform them about the situation or even apologise for the extreme inconvenience caused to thousands.

However, not once did somebody step forward to take responsibility for the shambolic organisation of the match.

Instead, they decided to pin the blame on the ground staff in a less than satisfactory statement, ground staff who have worked their hardest to make a mud bath covering a broken draining system playable.

“The ground staff did not deem it necessary to call in a match official to conduct a preliminary pitch inspection on the Friday prior to the game against the Tykes, as they were confident the surface was in a better condition than at a comparative stage before the recent matches against Brighton & Hove Albion and Sheffield Wednesday,” read the buck-passing paragraph.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely we will ever find out who was ultimately responsible for the debacle.

Despite this, there is cause for optimism surrounding Charlton.

Last night’s second half comeback against Oxford shows the players’ desire to win every game, even with the prize being a less than glamorous away trip to Huddersfield (again).

The aforementioned takeover alleviates any financial worries the club and the fans had.

The signing of Astrit Ajdarević is exciting, I’m eager to see him play.

And the acquisition of keeper Yohann Thuram-Ulien, although unnecessary, can only be a good for competition.

Of course, everyone would love to see Chris Powell bring in a winger and a striker, although I feel the latter is less important depending on how long Marvin Sordell is out for and whether or not Powell gives him a run in the starting XI.

As long as Powell is calling all the shots on the new signings, and Mr Duchâtelet does not get involved in first team affairs, then a very successful future could be on the horizon.

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