ADDICKS columnist MATIAS GREZ questions whether Charlton lack a winning mentality after yet again throwing away points last weekend late on at home to Birmingham.

THIS is getting ridiculous now - another game played and more points dropped along the way.

After a little research I have found Chris Powell’s men have dropped a staggering 21 points from winning positions this season.

To put these lost points into context, had the Addicks managed to hold onto just 10 of those 21 they would have been on 50 points, in sixth place and had a three-point cushion over Middlesbrough.

It is hard, and probably harsh, to be over critical of an inexperienced side whose aim at the start of the season was purely to consolidate their recently established Championship status.

However, you have to question how long this ‘consolidation’ mentality can paper over the cracks, the main crack being the seeming lack of a winning mentality throughout the squad.

Now this season it may not be an issue as, touch wood, we seem to be well on course to achieving our start of season goal.

Although looking forward to next season, and the season after that, you have to wonder whether this group of players has the ‘been there, done that’ experience to drive the club forward.

The big question is whether this lack of a winning mentality is coming from the players themselves or whether Powell doesn’t have it himself to instil in the players – and I highly doubt that it’s the latter.

If anyone has the ‘been there, done that’ experience for Charlton, it’s Powell.

Not only does he have the experience of Premier League football, he also has the experience of getting out of the Championship (with Wet Spam).

Alongside this experience, he also seems to be more driven, determined and professional as a manager than he was as a player.

However, it can’t all be down to him.

In Ricardo Fuller he’s already signed a player with the relevant experience and needs to sign more like him if we are to progress, one of the reasons I was disappointed in our lack of transfer activity last month.

Based on the evidence of the 31 games played so far, and taking into account there are only 15 left, I worry the current squad does not have the mental toughness needed to claw back those 21 dropped points.

Powell can only do so much in the dressing room but ultimately it’s up to the players not to bottle it over the 90 minutes and I think a few experienced players would help no end.

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