IT was a disappointing day on and off the pitch for Addicks blogger MATIAS GREZ at Selhurst Park last weekend where Charlton were beaten 2-1 by Crystal Palace.

IF anyone thought last week’s result against Sheffield Wednesday was gutting, then Saturday’s loss against Crystal Palace can only be described as sickening.

The first half was as dominant a performance as I can remember in recent derbies.

However, it was our poor finishing which yet again came back to haunt us.

And once again in my opinion, Chris Powell’s tactics cost the team three points, which now makes it six points dropped in two matches.

The 4-5-1 formation with Ricardo Fuller up front on his own became increasingly ineffective as the second half wore on and from 60 minutes onwards it was all Palace.

It was plain for everyone to see we needed an injection of pace and some support for Fuller, who became more and more isolated as the Eagles started to exert their dominance.

For the second week in a row it took the opposition turning round a 1-0 deficit to lead 2-1 before Powell decided to make drastic changes.

Points are extremely hard to come by in the Championship and if Powell doesn’t start learning quickly, then they are at risk of becoming increasingly scarce.

In last week’s blog I said Bradley Pritchard was growing on me by the game, but Saturday’s performance turned me back to my old way of thinking.

When we dominated for the first 60 minutes, Pritchard was outstanding as Charlton were afforded the vast majority of the possession, loads of time and acres of space.

However, once the momentum started to swing in Palace’s favour and hard graft, tough tackling and positional awareness were needed, Pritchard was found wanting.

As the second half wore on, he didn’t have the same time and space as in the first period and it seemed as though he looked nervous and, quite frankly, out of his depth as he gave the ball away more and more.

Saturday clarified why I don’t rate Pritchard as a player - when the going gets tough, Pritchard is the last one to get going.

However, this all pales in comparison as the day was marred by the stupid actions of a small minority of fans.

It pains me to be associated with these small amounts of morons.

People were kicking out seats, knocking off car wing mirrors and tipping over motorbikes and for what? To look like a big man?

At one stage I even saw the stupidity go as far as two Charlton fans almost having a fight with each other.

Residents in the area had the right idea in filming from their windows and all I can say to those involved is I hope you get what you deserve and you never come back to Charlton.

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