KENNY Jackett says he always planned to freshen up his attacking options even before Nottingham Forest made an approach for Darius Henderson.

Henderson is currently in negotiations at the City Ground and is expected to agree a deal to join Millwall’s Championship rivals later today.

Having already lost former loanee Chris Wood to Leicester earlier this month Den manager Jackett accepts he is a bit lacking up front in the short term.

But the boss revealed it was always his intention to change things around in the final third of the field.

Jackett said: “Darius has got permission to speak to them this morning, we will see how those talks go.

“We’ve got to assume they will be successful.

“If Darius does go I would thank him for what he has done and I would wish him all the best in the future.

“I have to plan going forward into our future and our players at Millwall.

“I think generally our forward line and our creative side of our team need regenerating and we do need some changes, some people coming in and some people coming out.

“This is part of that process.

“He (Henderson) scored 19 goals last season and has got seven this season.

“His contract is up in the summer.

“We do need to regenerate that area little bit, maybe bring in some different players.

“Goal scoring is the toughest part of the game, certainly the most expensive and how we take our forward line forward and how we plan is a big question.

“It is going to be a big challenge to try to make sure we capitalise on what is a good position in the league and so far a very good season.

“We don’t want and I don’t want this season to fall away.

“In terms of the planning of the squad we are going to have to work hard to stay up and around there but we recognise the opportunity we have.

“Myself and the chairman are mindful that we do think that we need to add.”

Jackett is the first to acknowledge the timing of Henderson’s potential departure is far from ideal but added that is just the way football is sometimes.

He explained: “It doesn’t always fall perfectly like that and improving a squad of players is not an exact science.

“You do it on a computer you can take one guy off and the same day put another one on – it doesn’t necessarily work like that.

“Situations like Nathan Tyson coming in and getting an ankle injury on his debut with a bad ankle injury – they come into it.

“In the short term there will be opportunities for other people, opportunities that they do want and will be looking for.

“Also then we have to work hard and make sure we have options and players coming in. It is something we are going to be doing.

“Aston Villa on Friday night I think will look after itself.

“I think we will get a really good performance and a positive performance out of the players.

“I’m looking forward to the game and am very hopeful about the performance level of the players on Friday.”

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