ADDICKS blogger MATIAS GREZ reflects on a much improved Charlton performance against Blackpool on Saturday.

AFTER last week’s dismal showing against Huddersfield in the FA Cup, any Charlton fan would find it hard to believe they were watching the same team in Saturday’s 2-1 win over Blackpool.

The back-to-back performances were as polar opposite as you’ll find anywhere in the league this season.

Players began to pass the ball with a calmness which has not been seen for quite some while, with everyone on the pitch looking confident in their own abilities.

The team defended resolutely and it was rare during the 90 minutes any fan in the ground felt as though Blackpool were going to break down Charlton’s defence.

Matt Taylor and Michael Morrison played with an understanding which came from playing for the whole of last season together week in, week out.

For the first time since the Millwall game I felt confident in our defence and not always on edge every time the opposition got anywhere near our penalty area.

Chris Powell was very clever and brave with the tactics he used, going for exactly the same game plan which got all three points at Bloomfield Road earlier in the season.

The team was frustrating to watch at times because it was a performance you would expect from the away side, but it was a frustratingly necessary display.

Charlton’s midfield five worked perfectly, using their extra man against Blackpool’s four to keep possession and also smother any attack which the visitors tried to muster through the middle.

Yann Kermorgant was absolutely outstanding up front on his own.

The Frenchman grew obviously more and more frustrated as the match wore on, but he did his job tirelessly and without complaint.

Every time the ball was played up to him it stuck to his feet like glue, with the striker not cheaply giving away possession once throughout the whole game.

One thing I could not get my head around afterwards though was the official Charlton Twitter page’s decision to commend Dale Stephens on a ‘man of the match’ performance.

Once again he rarely kept possession when he passed it, his good tackles coming immediately after he himself had given away the ball.

There was about five seconds in the match which, for me, summed up his performances since December 2011.

He yet again gave the ball away and instantly lunged in for a tackle, receiving a more than deserved yellow card.

Ending on a positive note as I like to do, Powell has stated he doesn’t know where the Danny Green to Birmingham rumour came from.

If that’s the case then here’s hoping he’ll start playing Green more often.

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