ROB Hulse may have gone for now but he certainly isn’t forgotten at The Valley.

And Charlton manager Chris Powell admits he would love to have the striker back in SE7 following his return to QPR earlier this week, although he admits it will only happen if the money is available.

The Addicks boss said: “Rob Hulse is just a terrific professional in and around the training ground, on the training ground and on the pitch.

“He played up front on his own in a few games, played up front with Danny Haynes and with Yann.

“He is very adaptable and a real credit to himself and to his club.

“Sadly I’m not able to keep him because he came in when we lost Yann and Ricardo and obviously both of those lads are fit.

“I’d love to keep him, I really would but obviously with finances at times I’ve got to look at the players we have here on contract as well.

“If it was likely (he was going to stay) I would have kept him, I wouldn’t have had the break in it, as simple as that.

“But he has gone back and there is going to have to be a bit of wheeling and dealing with us.”

Powell added: “Obviously I’ve got two target men anyway and he came in when we had two players who were injured.

“They’re fit and under contract.

“Rob came in at a vital time, which you always do with loan players.

“If you are lacking in certain areas you bring them in.

“But he made a difference and he has certainly impressed me and my staff and I’m sure he impressed our supporters as well with his willingness to lead the line and he done it very well.

“He is a top man and they are the sort of professionals and senior players you want in your group because he leads by example.

“Younger players will look at that and see what he does, ask him questions about why he does things and how he does certain things.

“You want those sort of players in your group.

“Have we seen the last of Rob?

“I hope not but at the moment he is not with us and sadly he has gone back to QPR.”

One option open to Powell would be to move players on in order to free up his budget, something the Valley chief didn’t rule out.

“That might have to be the decision or road I go down,” he explained.

“I might have to move one or two but make sure if I do that I’m covered straight away.

“I won’t just do that for the sake of it because they are still my players.

“I do want to kind of juggle our squad a little bit and tinker with it in certain areas.

“Of course I’ve got to bring in better, I can’t just do it for the sake of it.

“I’ve got to make sure players who join us are going to make us better and improve us.”

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