MILLWALL columnist MATT LITTLE feels Sunday’s win over Leeds United was the perfect way to mark Kenny Jackett’s century of victories, a club who the Lions have regularly enjoyed impressive results against during the current Den manager’s reign.

IT was rather apt that Kenny Jackett's 100th win as Millwall manager came against fallen Yorkshire giants Leeds United on Sunday.

Especially as it was settled by one of his trademark astute loan signings, rescued from another club's scrap-bin, after a typically hard working and spirited performance.

It was also apt as the two clubs have been locked in battle for the majority of Jackett's five year reign at The Den.

And it tells you a lot about Kenny's managerial skills that we have not only been able to keep up with the Elland Road outfit in that time, but also become a bit of a thorn in their side too.

We have really got under their pale northern skin over the last few years.

So much so that according to a recent football fan survey they thought of little old Millwall as their second main rival after Manchester United.

Bless ‘em, they didn't feature in ours.

It is true Leeds really have been manna from heaven for us mickey taking south Londoners, they are so easy to wind up it is almost cruel.

I say almost because let's not forget this is the club whose fans have taken great delight in mocking the Munich tragedy, setting fire to a burger van to 'celebrate' the anniversary of the Bradford fire and running amok in poor old sleepy Bournemouth.

Therefore it is highly amusing they genuinely believe we are the spawn of the devil.

Even funnier is the fact they are getting all upset about our little Jimmy Savile ditty on Sunday, bleating on about it to anybody that'll listen.

It really is like the school bully squealing to teacher about being called a name, even more so as it was they who started chanting the shamed Yorkshire celebrity's name in the warm-up.

Besides, you'd think they'd be keeping a low profile and focusing on their own problems after a few of their passionate fans went marching on together onto the Hillsborough pitch, resulting in one assaulting the Wednesday goalkeeper live on Sky.

But then again they've never been the sharpest tools in the box.

They thought Ken Bates was the saviour not so long ago and got a Leeds-supporting and promising young manager in Simon Grayson sacked, only to replace him with a Sheffield United supporting motormouth.

Pity, as they were winning friends under Grayson but have reverted to type and gone back to being known as Dirty Leeds under Warnock, almost back to their diving and thuggish 1970s best if Sunday was anything to go by.

For those of us not around in the early 1970s, that was the last time Leeds were really justified in having Manchester United as their main rivals.

I looked it up.

Although one Brian Clough wouldn't even agree with that, he thought they should have thrown their medals in the bin as they hadn't earned them fair and square.

But then again he liked wearing green jumpers and called his son Nigel, so who knows.

The best thing about Leeds United though is the fact they get so angry about our wind ups, yet their only comeback on us is about the numbers we take up to Elland Road.

It's hardly cutting stuff though, the fact that most Millwall fans have enough of a life not to bother paying over the odds to spend the day meeting the West Yorkshire Police in motorway service stations just to visit a provincial dive and sit in a half empty stadium watching second tier football.

Isn't that embarrassing?

Indeed, they should take a leaf out of our books, after all getting thrashed at the hands of mighty Watford couldn't have been much fun to watch for over £30 a pop in that lopsided stadium of theirs.

Although going by the twenty thousand empty seats at most Elland Road games thses days, some have started to see our logic.

Perhaps there is hope for them yet.

Anyway, that's enough on Leeds, certainly enough to make them feel better about being such a worthy club to talk about at least.

See, the Championship isn't all bad, is it you mighty Whites?

We now travel to Blackburn and Wolves before my next blog, two very tough away games.

If we can remain unbeaten for 12 games after facing those two, then it will say a lot about how our season may take shape.

However, I think we might see this great run come to an end at one of these fixtures.

There would be no shame in this, but it might temper rising expectations a bit.

The high intensity of this league is taking its toll on the team somewhat.

I thought we looked a bit leggy on Sunday and although we are a match for anybody on our day you only have to look at the strength of depth at our next two opponents to see what we are up against over a season.

Whatever happens here's to another 100 wins under King Kenny and one more against Leeds!

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