IT IS funny how the closest most 4x4s get to going offroad is the pavement.

Funny also how most of the Range Rovers and people-carriers on Earth seem to converge on Bromley High School of a weekday morning.

Or it would be funny if these tanks didn’t clog up the road when surely most kids could be walking to school or taking the bus.

I would have thought the parents themselves wouldn’t mind a break from sitting in a jam in Thornet Wood Road at 8.30am every morning.

As someone who cycles to work, the recent half-term was a blessing as I was able to whizz down Chislehurst Hill without having to slam on the brakes every couple of metres.

I am sure the situation will improve when the new Chislehurst Road bridge opens.

But this won’t change the fact many parents are driving their kids to school in oversized cars when they could get there by other means.

I single out Bromley High as it is on my way to work and the number of vehicles is overwhelming - the queue shown in the video here is not as long as some I have seen.

I appreciate it is winter, the school may not be the only one with a problem like this and Bromley is quite a large suburban area, so walking to lessons is not feasible for many youngsters.

But the trend of fewer kids walking to school or taking the bus is bad for children’s health, bad for other road users and bad for the planet.

Do you drive your kids to school, send them on the bus or let them walk? Do you agree too many children are driven to school today or do you have a different view? Have your say below or ring 01689 885702, email tim.macfarlan@london.newsquest or tweet @NewsShopperTim