The 26th-27th October was the Halloween Comicfest; a Halloween event where comic book shops gave out free comics to all-comers. A chance for any comic book readers old or young to pick up a comic and participate in the spooky fun or for new readers to give a comic a try.

The event is a chance for comic shops to for comic shops to show off the variety of the medium and get as many people involved as possible. It is sponsored by as a way of bringing in new readers and keeping older readers happy as well as uniting the comic reading community.

This year over 20 free comic books were made available to those who flocked to the stores for this event. The titles included : Two batman titles(The Long Halloween and Li’l Gotham),Marvel favorites Thor and Spiderman, Archie, Adventure Time and a selection of others for all to enjoy. 

There were the tradition comics with heroes that have been around forever – batman and Thor to newer heroes and adventures such as new series published on the web Disenchanted.

For younger readers there were My Little Pony, Ben 10 and Zombie  Kid Diaries. A must have for all the enthusiastic comic reading younglings and some of the adults no doubt.

Comic book shops all over England and America participated in the event with not just the free comic books but also a large fancy dress competition in which participants enter online and others vote for them on the official event website. The competition’s participants itself shows the variety of the audience from men dressing as Assassin’s creed character Altair to a very cute baby dressed as Superman.

Halloween Comicfest is an all inclusive event that really unites all readers and tailored to all fans. I personally picked up L’il Hellboy whilst my 10 year old brother picked up Adventure Time, it really was an event for all ages and all tastes perfect for the fun of Halloween and perhaps something to read if it was too damp and cold for trick or treating!