GOD save our quite marvellous Queen. I had a great reminder this week of just how brilliant it really is to be British, and I’ve got the people of Bexley to thank.

It was already a very proud day as I was attending the unveiling of a superb new sculpture to mark the 60th anniversary of our Monarch’s reign. News Shopper backed the campaign to install Her Majesty on the iconic Bexley Clock Tower right from the start so it was great to be there for the ceremony.

Linked inextricably with the borough’s annual civic parade it was also a perfect opportunity to show admiration for our armed forces and all that is best about British society.

See our gallery of pictures from the event

So, as the Union flag fluttered gently in the ‘almost sunlight’ (it is Britain remember), at the end of a short, but very moving, celebration I was left with a moment to consider what really is best about being British.

As well as a stirring rendition of Jerusalem, we naturally sung the National Anthem and I decided the Royal Family has to be number one of five great reasons to be British.

After much debate, and in no particular order, I concluded other things on the list include: pubs, the Premier League and Marmite.

As I sat there mulling over number five I watched our photographer Osman quietly going about his work with a great deal of professionalism, consideration and a decent dash of good humour. At this point I decided the British Press, Her Majesty’s British Press, must also be included.

Her majesty will always be number one on my list and, for what it’s worth, I think the Bexley bust is one of the best likenesses of her ever. Oh, I nearly forgot, I hope Phil the Greek’s feeling better soon.