Children at Monkey Puzzle Bromley had a fantastic day celebrating the Hindu Festival of Holi this week.

Babies spent the afternoon painting and mixing colours with their feet, experiencing new textures and watching how colours change as they mix together.

Toddlers held their own mini Holi Festival throwing lots of colour paint into the air, all over each other and their teachers! Preschool enjoyed mixing colours and make beautiful Skittle rainbows.

At Monkey Puzzle Bromley we want to make everyone feel welcome and celebrated so we put a focus on ensuring we celebrate as many festivals and special occassions from around the world as we can! The children really enjoy having the chance to investigate how other people in the world live and celebrating along with their friends in nursery. In a age when we are surrounded by so many cultures it is more important than every for our children to learn that while everyone is different we are all to be valued, celebrated and respected.

Submitted by Nicole Maguire