A PENSIONER who dug up a suspected world war bomb in his garden says he found it with his metal detector.

John Marriott of Venture Close, Bexley discovered the metal object in his garden last night (March 27) when he was digging in his garden.

But the 75-year-old did not tell police about his find until this morning because he “did not want to make a fuss.”

Officers arrived at around 9.30am this morning.

Bexley Police's Inspector Colin Edge said: “A member of the public has found a suspected old world war bomb in their garden.

“We are getting an expert to assess it. We have evacuated the area and put closures up as a precaution.

“A metal object was found underground and we do not believe it to be a pipe.”

Mr Marriott has been evacuated from his house and is not allowed back in until the site has been cleared.

Mr Marriot said: “It makes a change to the day digging up a bomb.

“It’s at least eight to 10ft long.”

He discovered the suspected bomb around 7.30pm yesterday evening.

He said: “I’ve got block paving in my garden and it was a bit uneven and I wondered why so decided to investigate.

“I got my metal detector out and put it over the paving and two places picked up readings.

“So I started digging.

“I thought ‘This is a funny place to put a water main’.

“But when I uncovered it, I found a long metal object.”

Mr Marriott, who was a sapper in the Royal Engineers from 1955 until 1965, says he recognised the metal object as a bomb from his time in the army.

He said: “I was in the army for 10 years and am used to going out and blowing up bombs.

“I knew it was a bomb by its black painted surface.

“The earth is from the London docks and it must have been dumped there with it.”

The grandfather added: “It is 14inch from the house.

“I’m going to ask Bexley Council to do a survey of the area to find out if there are any more.”

Elmwood Drive, leading into Nurchison Avenue remain closed.