A LUSCIOUS Lee babe is hoping to strut her way to glory in a legendary beauty pageant.

Growing up, Cherelle-Rose Patterson of Jevington Way wanted to be a singer, but when her mum told her she couldn’t sing, she set her sights on becoming a model.

Now aged 22, the part-time sales assistant has made it into the grand final of the Miss Universe GB competition.

She told News Shopper: "I applied online and then I got a letter calling me in for an interview on the same day as my grandma’s funeral.

"I thought ‘what am I going to do?’. But then I thought she would have wanted me to do it, so my boyfriend quickly drove me from the funeral to the interview and then back.

"I couldn’t believe it when I received the congratulations letter telling me I was through."

Miss Patterson added: "I have a very strict regime. I go to the gym at least three times a week working on my abs and legs.

"My diet is nothing unhealthy because I don’t want to promote an unhealthy lifestyle - I am a curvy girl.

"I have carbs in the morning, a lot of oily fish and lots of protein like eggs. I have a treat once a week."

At the final in Birmingham Town Hall on May 5, Miss Patterson will be judged on her performance in cocktail dress, swimwear and evening wear rounds.

View our picture gallery of Cherelle-Rose striking a pose

The winner will go on to represent Great Britain in the Miss Universe competition.

However, before then she is trying to raise as money as possible for the Hemraj Goyal Foundation which distributes funds to charities that support children from disadvantaged backgrounds, promote women’s rights, education, and help people with disabilities.

Miss Patterson said: "Beauty pageants are a lot more than just a crown and a title, it’s about giving back and using the power of beauty to make positive changes and have positive influences."

Visit justgiving.com/cherellerosepatterson to donate.